Meet Teemly!

Teemly was founded in 2019 and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The founders, Oleg & Charlotte, met through the startup generator program Antler ( and built Teemly. We’re on a mission to help organizations build truly connected distributed teams. We envision a future where everyone gets the chance to work in a team they love, regardless of where they’re located. Teemly helps create high performing teams and helps anyone feel as a valued, included member of the team. Hungry for tips & tricks on remote leadership? Check out the experts’ advice here: 11 tips on how to make your remote team perform at its best

Oleg Danylenko Co-Founder (and CTO) Oleg is a software engineer & data scientist who knows how to build & scale software. Oleg is patient, straightforward & has a lovely sense of humor. Oleg has worked in spread out teams, especially on the tech side, at amongst others Klarna.

Charlotte Ekelund Co-Founder (and CEO) Charlotte has two business masters and a background in sales, marketing & recruitment. Charlotte loves people (especially her colleagues!), is outgoing, passionate and laughs more than the average person. Charlotte has worked in distributed teams, amongst others at Coca-Cola.